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More and more corporations are looking into an applicant's employment history before offering them a job?

Why? Simple? To paraphrase a recent article, falsification of backgrounds by employees and recruiters may cost industry as a whole over $30 million per year!

Carey Consultants now makes it even simpler for corporations to start the background checking process. We are offering a SPECIAL PRE-EMPLOYMENT REPORT, which is completed in only 3 to 4 working days. This report encompasses a verification of the subject's employment history plus a criminal check! And, Carey Consultants can provide you (at no charge) with the proper applications for the subject(s) to fill out. Simply fax us the application, and we take it from there!

This Carey Consultants Website is brand new. Please check back here periodically to find service updates and other information hot off the press. Please be advised that we offer full employment profiles, educational confirmations and public records searches. Most of our reports are completed in only 2 to 4 working days!


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